HR… Here’s Something IT to Think About

Hiring and keeping great people is a priority for the best businesses. Great people can make the difference in so many ways - but once you've got them, how do you keep them?

Entrepreneur Magazine recently had some ideas:

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4 Ways You Are Driving Your Employees Crazy

BY Gwen Moran  Read more: http://www.

Super fast Linux virtualization with Proxmox VE

We are now official Proxmox support partners for Proxmox Virtual Environment! We have been building and maintaining Proxmox virtualization systems for a number of users. While we also work with VMWare vSphere, we have a soft spot for Proxmox as well. Here are the top 5 reasons we like working with Proxmox:

Completely open source and free - no licensing required and no nagware.

UEFI and Secure Boot – Getting Windows to boot on Windows 8 laptop

Someone asked for some information about UEFI and Secure Boot on newer computers and how that will affect them putting something other than Windows on their computer.

Their main questions were:

What benefit does a normal home user get from UEFI and Secure boot ?
How does the actual signing get done ?
Who gets to do the signing ?  Only Microsoft ?  Some other company ? How much does it cost ?
What do I need if I want to put Linux on my new computer ?


Vancouver Technology Tops in the World

We know that Canada ranks among the top minds in the world for development of technology and innovation but did you know that Vancouver was recently ranked the 9th city -world-wide for launching a startup on the Startup Ecosystem Index? This index is a compilation of major studies measuring a variety of KPIs including Mindset, Talent, and "Differentiation from Silicon Valley".

Vancouver also ranks 2nd on the Mindset Index that rates how well the general population 'thinks' compared to great entrepreneurs world-wide.

New Online Newsletter Launch

We're happy to announce our new online e-newsletter featuring news and information on technology for business. Our goal is to provide a monthly dose of intelligence and fun to our valued contacts around the world. If you currently receive the Technology Bulletin give us some feedback - we'd love to hear from you.