Client Success Stories

Our staff now feel confident the tools they need to do their jobs will work the way they should

Sumas First Nation was desperate to get their network and server issues resolved. Kerkhoff Technologies was able to solve the problems, even when other experts couldn’t. They have helped us become more productive, better organized, able to grow and manage our staff and they also help us strategize for the future. Our staff and offices now feel confident the tools they need to do their jobs will work the way they should.

Kimberley Laing
Acting Band Manager, Sumas First Nation

Our monthly needs have been managed professionally

The support and customer service we have received from Kerkhoff Technologies Inc. has been excellent and has exceeded our expectations. Project delivery has been on budget and our monthly needs have been managed professionally. We are confident that our server structures and IT plans are the best they have ever been!

Gwen Cowan, CGA
Senior Manager, Finance & Administration

Delivers On All Fronts

KTI has been instrumental in developing software, website hosting, security systems and overall technical support for Westeck for close to 10 years. As we have grown so have our IT systems and requirements and we needed a company to assist us with minimizing downtime, rapid and thorough support, and future planning requirements. KTI delivers on all of these fronts and we have no hesitation in recommending their services to companies that are serious about growth and that realize IT is vitally important and a huge asset

Terry Adamson
Technical Director, Westeck Windows Mfg. Inc.

Cedar Care Clinic


If you are looking for a team that works together to solve issues in a friendly and professional manner, addresses IT issues in a reasonable amount of time, available 24/7, choose Crafty Penguins. Having Linux guys that actually know what they’re doing works for us BIGTIME! They are available 24/7 if needed and always respond to our “emergencies” quickly! They have the knowledge to complete the task successfully and quickly.

Laurie Coops   Cedar Care Clinic Mission, BC, Canada


A Capable and Friendly Partner that Allows us to Focus On Our Core Business

Having Crafty Penguins manage our systems saves us time to focus on our core business which is web filtering techniques. This is our unique selling proposition, so time spent on that is better than time spent on the underlying infrastructure. CP really has very in-depth knowledge on the systems being used. When there is a problem, they are able to look a lot further and deeper than the average IT provider. As just one example, a couple of years ago we had an issue with packet loss on our Linux load balancers under extreme load. They were able to solve this by patching and enhancing the Linux NIC drivers. As we are in the Netherlands and they are in Canada, they are able to perform maintenance, changes, migrations etc on our infrastructure during our night, which are their business hours. Crafty Penguins (Kerkhoff Technologies) is the place to go when you are looking for a capable and friendly partner!

Herman van Rhijn
Technical Director, Kliksafe B.V.
Nunspeet, Netherlands

Anglers Logo

Creative Solutions, Improved Page Load Times, Experience, and Knowledge Sharing with our Developers

With the help of Wim Kerkhoff at Crafty Penguins, our development team was able to significantly improve our server performance and decrease load time for our web pages. Wim’s personal commitment to our project and advice to our development team meant we were able to find new solutions to our scaling challenges and at the same time equip our team with the necessary expertise to solve future challenges. If you are looking for an IT consulting partner, I definitely recommend Wim and his team!

Sean Simmons
President, Anglers Atlas
Prince George, BC

Dorian Solutions

Work with a Kubernetes/DevOps Partner that Actually Feels like a Member of your Team

The biggest benefit is that Crafty Penguins truly felt like a member of our team. Other companies have made this claim, but theirs is real. I could call on them at any time, and they were always available and felt like a team member. This helped to build trust and gave me confidence in the software development that I was doing. They never said “no”, but instead, lent a helping hand to dive in and figure things out.

Do you want just a vendor or a real partner? If you’re looking for the former, go find the lowest bid. When you ultimately are let down, then hire Crafty Penguins like you should have in the first place!

Jason Ziolo
President & CEO
Dorian Solutions, Crystal Lake, IL

Fusion Broadband logo

Pay It Cheap Pay It Twice

You only need one instance of a less skilled partner and it costs you much more than you saved. Pay it cheap, pay it twice! We engage KTI, because, they have the bandwidth, skill and especially personal commitment to make sure what they are responsible for is always working correctly. Each team member takes it personally if something is not right. It’s not something that the “rest of the business” will sort out. They deal with it themselves and follow through until it’s resolved.

We task KTI to manage that part of our business and they do that VERY well. They are a hell of a lot smarter than a lot of the many partners we work with which provides extra comfort as well.

The key to making this all work well is to allow KTI to be your advisor in looking after your network. They have to be engaged as part of your business. By looking after all the Linux servers, routers, and switches, KTI runs the whole food chain including servers, software and scripts, security, backups and documentation. Having a computer guy look after only a part of the chain would make it very hard to deliver quality end to end and hold them accountable. Now we have no weak links, and there is never any finger pointing.

At the end of the day, KTI manages and controls things so we don’t have to, so we can focus on what we do best. We sleep a lot better at night as well!

Jason Maude
Managing Director
Fusion Broadband, Melbourne, Australia

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