Skawahlook First Nations – TLC Client Case Study

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Client Since: Fall 2009

Skawahlook First Nation is a First Nations organization providing social, cultural and economic services as well as political leadership to its members. Skawahlook is located in a remote rural area near Hope BC, which does not have wired broadband and is far away from professional IT services in Chilliwack.

Kerkhoff Technologies works closely with Sharron Young, Band Administrator. Her main function is finance and administering the organization on behalf of the Chief and Council. She contacted Kerkhoff Technologies originally in 2009. They were using another IT provider but were not fully satisfied with the quality of service provided by the technicians. Further, the IT provider was not able to find a more useful Internet connection for them.

Sharron Young, Band Administrator Skawahlook First Nations
Sharron Young, Band Administrator Skawahlook First Nations
They required 3 main things from Kerkhoff Technologies:

  • Reliable printing
  • Reliable internet
  • Properly functioning server

As per Sharron, “Being so remote, having a reliable network is very important for us to conduct our daily business.”

Skawahlook’s Challenges:

  • Had a server but it did not work properly for basic services such as file sharing
  • No IT plan for future
  • Slow internet using satellite
  • No data backups
  • Bad looking website with incorrect content


Watch-VideoKTI completed several projects for Skawahlook in phases:

  1. A new Windows 2008 file/print server was installed to replace the existing dysfunctional server.
  2. In co-operation with a local wireless ISP and using a government grant, a custom wireless connection was built across the Fraser Valley to Laidlaw BC. This allowed Skawahlook to use ADSL to connect to the internet.
  3. All new computers were installed, replacing the existing aged computers.
  4. A new website was built, increasing the profile of Skawahlook and providing a valuable information resource to their partners and communities.

IT Structure After Kerkhoff Technologies:

  • Server that works properly for file sharing
  • Full data backup plan using onsite and offsite data backups
  • Fast internet using custom point-to-point wireless
  • New website that both looks great and easy to use CMS

Results & Benefits:

Since these changes were made, Skawahlook has enjoyed:

  • Increased user productivity – people can do their job.
  • Faster internet speeds that are reliable.
  • Easy file sharing using their Windows file server.
  • Printing that actually works.
  • Getting started with Technology Loving Care.

Next Step – Update January 2013:

In January 2013, Skawahlook made the step to join the Technology Loving Care program to improve daily operations and smoother technology use. They no longer have to worry about calling in for help, and view Kerkhoff as a business partner.

  • Q: How did you justify the investment (costs) of the service?

  • A: Sharron says: “My expectation is that the additional services along with less frustration will justify the monthly investment in our IT.”

Next Step – Update May 2014:

We’re pleased to say that Skawahlook is still enjoying the benefits of the TLC Program.
Check out Sharron’s opinion of our relationship thus far… Thanks Sharron!