Westeck Windows & Doors Manufacturing

Since 2000 Westeck has introduced many new products to the market and has developed an array of niche products which serve the Custom Residential/Commercial markets. Westeck has become a “one stop” supplier for builders and homeowners because of their ability to provide a variety of products: vinyl, aluminum, wood and combo windows, as well as wood, aluminum, steel, fiberglass and metal clad doors. Westeck has supplied windows and doors to many multi-family projects and retirement complexes, churches and schools as well as custom homes throughout Canada and into the USA.
Terry Adamson: Privately owned residential window and door manufacturer.
Terry Adamson: Technical director. Product design and development. Building code compliance and product testing. Oversee IT department, evaluate and manage implementation of outsourced software.
Terry Adamson: In today’s environment we find reliable systems connecting us to our staff and customers (current and future) is critical. The reliance on systems by staff has become so great that even short periods of downtime have significant productivity impacts.
Terry Adamson: Trying to provide tangible examples always seems to be a challenging task. There is no question we see less downtime, less fire fighting by IT staff, quicker system performance, improved network structure, etc.
Terry Adamson: As Westeck grew I could see our systems were falling behind basic network management. Maintenance, backups, network structure, IT staff training, increasing users, aging infrastructure, system performance.
Terry Adamson: Disaster recovery management. Although I see other improvements in systems and network performance, my biggest fear is complete system failure and the inability to recover quickly.
Terry Adamson: IT is a very complex item integral to a business. Most owners/managers do not understand IT and the need for it to be considered as integral as a critical piece of production machinery. In today’s world when systems go down business can come to an immediate stop, and without professional management, downtime and information loss could be significant and devastating to a business.
Terry Adamson: This is a very tough one. The cost is definitely high, and the ability to provide tangible results are difficult to those that are not familiar with IT challenges beyond turning on their system. I am constantly asked if I feel the cost is justified. My answer is two fold. We are improving the overall performance of network and systems, reducing lost user time, and, if the system crashed today what would it cost if we didn’t have a good recovery system in place?