We are a fast growing IT service provider in the Fraser Valley area, providing powerful and responsive technical support to businesses around the world. We take pride in being a one of a kind Technology company that values relationships and people at every level - employees, clients, vendors and our community.

Wim Kerkhoff | CEO, Founder

To provide excellence to clients and team members, delivering above everyone's expectations.
Our goal is excellence in everything we do internally, with every individual and client, with every product/service etc. To achieve that, we believe every employee needs to be at their optimum and to be able to get things done, and to make a positive impact.

To be a role model  to our team, clients, vendors and peers.

Providing excellence and great value to our team members, our clients, and people at every level, has always been our focus. We enjoy exceeding expectations and embodying our values!

Stephen Pasiciel | Senior Vice President

We operate in a framework on Service Excellence - our ability to perform and deliver the promised service, dependably and accurately makes us reliable. Its about speed and positivity in our responsiveness, keeping customers informed, reducing their effort and showing a willingness to help. In every relationship we deliver caring, personalized attention by asking questions, listening carefully, making people feel important and giving them our undivided attention.

Loyalty, Recommendation, Trust and Reputation are not just positive words but an outcome of our Values...We hope you experience this in your interactions with us 🙂