Bonded Internet

Many companies consider traditional network delivery obsolete and have moved on to cloud-based applications to maximize resources and enhance productivity. But is it really cutting it? What many are unaware of is how the usage demands are putting a significant strain on your slow, unreliable and fragile network. This causes bottlenecks to happen and negatively impacts to the bottom line.

What is it?
What are its components?
Why is it beneficial?
It’s a comprehensive network solution geared towards improving overall resilience and performance. It uses a per-packet load balancing protocol responsible for combining multiple connections into one, delivering optimum user experience across your Wide Area Network (WAN). Bonded Internet comprises of three main components:

  • Point-To-Point VPN
  • Packet Level Link Balancing
  • Network Connection Monitoring
  • Combined multiple connections into a single-IP connection for increased bandwidth.
  • Packet-level distribution ensures sessions aren’t dependent on the uptime of one single connection.
  • Handling of bond failures by supplementing it to a 3G/4G/LTE connection.
  • Compress data travelling over the bond to achieve turbo data acceleration.
  • Priority layers ensure consistent delivery of data for VoIP and other real-time applications.

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Bandwidth Feature Brief


Reliability Feature Brief


QoS Feature Brief


Encryption Feature Brief


Monitoring Feature Brief


MPLS Add-on Solution Brief


P-WAN Solution Brief

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