Network Security

Without a secure network, you're at risk

Kerkhoff Technologies offers security and firewall services that stop your networks falling victim to viruses and malicious hackers. We also offer you peace of mind so you can get on with running your business without worrying about network security. And we not only protect your data but also employees and customers from security threats such as identity theft. Using sophisticated technology, we locate and destroys viruses and spyware in your systems and we can even log and report where users have been spending their time online. This enables us to eliminate dangers and threats before they impact your company!

Our network security solutions include:

  • Regular reports - on how we've monitored internet usage including website tracking
  • Security - we keep viruses and malware out!
  • Content filtering - we can stop your staff accessing unsafe sites and increase productivity
  • Wi-Fi and 3G services - services so that mobile devices can be safely used in the office

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