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Kerkhoff Technologies is a professional team of IT consultants based in Chilliwack, B.C., Canada. Reliable, transparent and friendly. Happy to co-manage your IT together with your in-house staff.

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Kerkhoff Technologies Inc.

About Kerkhoff Technologies

Kerkhoff Technologies is an IT consulting firm with a growing team of more than 30 Windows & Linux experts, many of whom have decades of experience in IT.

Our CEO Wim Kerkhoff founded the company in 2007. If you ask him why, he’d tell you that he always wanted to build a company where it would be fun to work—a company with great culture, great people, no bureaucracy and no toxic relationships.

In the early days, our services were a mix of Windows IT support, ISP support, software development, and Linux/Cisco engineering work. But by 2016, we realized that the Linux/DevOps world is very distinct from the IT support world and launched a separate brand to represent our Linux/DevOps support and consulting services: Crafty Penguins.

Although Kerkhoff Technologies and Crafty Penguins are two separate teams with different skill sets, we’re one company. We all use the same ticket system—Slack and Wiki—sit at the same office and have the same leadership team.

This comes quite handy when our clients need us to support both Linux and Windows systems or if our Windows team needs a hand with API integration, troubleshooting SQL or hardware issues.    


We bring to the table in-depth expertise, effective communication, detailed documentation and smooth project management. But if you’ve ever had an IT consultant rolling your eyes at you or asking “if you tried powering it off and on” as if you were a five-year-old, you know that expertise alone isn’t enough.


Earn your trust – We consider ourselves a part of your team and care about your business as much as you do. We listen to you carefully, ask questions, follow through with our promises and keep our work transparent to help you navigate technology even if you may not fully understand how it works.

Lean into challenges – We aren’t afraid of bruising our egos, and we’ll admit that it’s a difficult task if we encounter one. We are happy to learn, seek other perspectives and lean on the experience and knowledge of others to help you run your business more efficiently.

Look at the bigger picture – We are your competent partner who does not just put out occasional fires but is familiar with your IT landscape and sees the bigger picture. To provide you with solutions that last and scale, we consider internal relationships, context, market, industry and impact on other systems.

Constantly improve – We always try to be better today than yesterday. For example, we make incremental improvements to your documentation and processes or remove redundant items that don’t help you. And we share new knowledge and experience within our team to help every member grow.

Our Achievements

Best It services in Chilliwack
Best It services in Chilliwack
Best It services in Chilliwack
Best It services in Chilliwack
Best It services in Chilliwack
Best It services in Chilliwack
Best It services in Chilliwack
Best It services in Chilliwack

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Our Team

We aren’t just a vendor. We are your reliable partner who cares about your business as much as you do.

Every week, we talk to business owners who don’t have the confidence in their IT systems or in their current IT support. Many of them are exposed to high risk of system failure due to insufficient health and security audits, unreliable backups, non-existing documentation, etc. and they don’t even realize it.

Yet, if you want to serve your own clients well and grow your business, you can’t view your IT support as a necessary evil and expense. You need to make it your valuable asset.

At Kerkhoff Technologies, we aim to change the status quo and create a positive and rewarding relationship between businesses and their IT provider to help you focus on running your business without worrying about security and reliability of your IT—from local machines and email accounts to company-wide network and cloud servers.

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Chief Operating Officer

Joshua has 16 years experience in Network Administration and Security, Server Management and Client Relations across a broad range of industries and technologies. He specializes in Operations because of his ability to take a ‘big picture’ view in order to provide the best solutions for long-term success.

AVP Projects & vCIO

Isabelle has 20 years of experience in systems design and management, primarily with Microsoft solutions with a focus on emerging solutions. Her biggest strength is seeing the big picture while still paying attention to detail.

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AVP – Service

Daniel has 20 years of experience with system/network administration and client support in mixed environments. His wide range of skills allows him to come up with flexible solutions to meet the most complex needs.

Picture of Kaja Figlarska
Administrative Assistant

Kaja has 1 year of experience in Sales. She has a strong focus on delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring client satisfaction. Her biggest strength is exceptional attention to detail, ensuring precision in every aspect.

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Systems Administrator

Brent has 25 years of experience with Windows IT systems of both small businesses and multinational corporations from a large variety of industries (manufacturing, health care, law office and non-profit, etc.). He also has expertise in macOS support.

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Service Coordinator

Chelsea has 6 years of experience in service and workflow coordination. She enjoys being organized and building relationships and trust with clients through meaningful interactions. Her biggest strength is attention to detail and workflow management/ coordination.

Picture of a KTI staff member
Cloud Systems Administrator

Mohit has 8 years of experience in administrating, and streamlining various Microsoft Services, such as Exchange Servers, SharePoint, Azure, etc. His biggest strengths are patience, positive mindset, and a problem-solving mindset.

Picture of a KTI staff member
Systems Administrator

Sepehr has 22 years of experience in Network, Windows, and client support experience. He is an avid learner who enjoys learning new things everyday and solves issues. He specially enjoys working on cross cultural teams.

Picture of a KTI staff member
Systems Administrator

David has 20 years of experience working in the IT MSP industry. He enjoys all things IT support and administration. He has a keen sense of eagerness when approaching unknown challenges. He specializes in back up technologies and is known for his reliable follow through.

Systems Administrator

Karam has 9 years of experience in IT services, client support and sales. His combination of experience allows him to provide top-notch customer support. He has expertise in Windows and macOS systems. His biggest strengths are self-motivation, patience, and integrity.

Anmol KTI staff member
Systems Technician

Anmol has 4 years of experience in Windows and Network administration across diverse industries. His dedication to continuous learning allows him to tackle challenges daily, gaining insights and refining solutions for improved operations.

Andriy Gruntov | System Engineer

System Engineer

Andriy has more than 7 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. He possesses proficiency in a range of areas, including help desk support, system and network administration, cloud solutions, and project management.

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