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Creating a Modern Workplace - How you can build it

The new way of working is a hybrid office – a blend of the physical and virtual environment. Allowing people to do their best work and encouraging collaboration.

Modern business challenges have been magnified by the events of 2020, and how we work has dramatically altered.

It’s time to utilize the strength of a modern workplace experience and reconsider your digital transformation journey—

Have you said any of this lately?

  • We waste time because our systems don’t talk to each other
  • We have to be in the office to work making us less agile
  • We need to move away from legacy infrastructure
  • Our data is at greater risk due to remote and hybrid work practices
  • Multiple versions of docs mean we have no central knowledge bank
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What is a Modern Workplace?

The Modern Workplace is an operational setup using Microsoft 365 technologies to meet both the physical and technological needs of both your business and its employees.

The Modern Workplace drives company-wide business transformation by utilizing the power of the cloud to streamline business operations and empower employees to do their best work around the clock no matter their location.

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Get a 360° view, so you can impact your team

Create the modern workplace of your dreams in months, not years.

With Microsoft 365, you can create a mobile-friendly and responsive environment that facilitates collaboration and decision-making. We've done the groundwork for you so you can focus on future innovation, not legacy systems.
The modern workplace is all about leveraging technology to create tech-first, stimulating environments that enable mobility and 24/7 staff connectivity.
All cloud journeys start with a plan and commitment to modernize business applications and processes.

Improve communication

Modernizing your workplace improves the way you communicate and collaborate with your team. Get more done and get connected on the go with a modernized workflow.

Automate tasks and workflows

Automation is the future of office efficiency. Cut costs, increase productivity and free up time with automated tasks and workflows.

Collaborate on the go

We're always on. Constant connectivity means you can collaborate with your team anytime, anywhere. Share docs and workflows in real-time and save them offline.

Microsoft partner for Modern Work

Get in touch to start your digital revolution with a Microsoft Solutions partner.

As a leading partner serving clients across Canada, we can help with your exact requirements. 

We support businesses like yours every day on Microsoft’s offerings.

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How we approach your Modern Workplace project

Start your journey to a modern workplace today

We develop and implement an in-depth process to assist and support you in adapting to a Modern Workplace Journey.  

Our goal is to make sure that your unique needs are met. 

It is important to have an experienced strategic partner who leads by example on board to help show you the ropes. Kerkhoff Technologies has embraced the Modern workplace.  


Let us help you discover what your ideal Microsoft 365 environment should be managed for optimal performance, adoption & security.


We get you started quickly with the correct strategy and blueprint that is specific to your business and industry.


We continually monitor and improve your Microsoft 365 environment so you can manage costs, improve user adoption, and optimize productivity.


Our managed services include security monitoring, reporting and security assessments.

Discuss your Modern Workplace with one of our IT experts today

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