Improving Remote Work With Modern Phone Systems

Earlier this month we hosted a webinar where we discussed the power of modern phone systems (with a focus on the 3CX software solution), and how key VoIP features (some lesser-known) can drastically improve your workflow and productivity, whether working out of an office/store or at home or a combination. When working from home, are your…

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Human Resources

Dealing with Burnout

If you’re leading a team of people, it is important to recognize the connection between employee mental health and the overall well-being of your company. It is estimated that employee burnout is one of the top reasons for disengagement, absenteeism, and turnover. Just this year, the World Health Organization upgraded its assessment of the threats…

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Our snail-mail newsletter for April

Our 2nd newsletter is on the way in the mail for you and your team; click here to access it What a crazy month it’s been! The newsletter includes the blog posts that our team has personally written and published recently. • Training materials from LinkedIn on how to embrace working remotely, including communication, culture,…

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Resources for SaaS Entrepreneurs

Here are some of the SaaS resources that have been useful to me and my companies over the years. Let me know (email, contact form, or LinkedIn) if you have suggestions to add to it, or just to let me know if any of these have been useful to you too! -wim Dan Martell Dan…

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ClientsWar Stories

How We Crowned a King

– Reprinted from July KTI Technology Bulletin – In April the Netherlands celebrated the coronation of King Willem-Alexander. People gathered around their computers for live video feed of the event – so many that Dutch internet service providers crashed leaving millions without access to the event. Luckily for ISP client, KlikSafe, and thanks to massive…

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Top clicked phishing email subjects in 2018

I came across some interesting data from one of our cybersecurity partners (Knobe4). KnowBe4 reports every quarter on the top-clicked phishing emails. The results come from a combination of the simulated phishing emails used by our customers as well as from the millions of users that report suspicious emails to their IT department. I wanted…

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