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Kerkhoff Technologies Inc. is here to help with the digital transformation of your business. Our certified digital advisors have a digital first mindset and are focused on driving business agility and value.

Let us help you take your business to the next level in the digital world.

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Businesses that TRUST US for business technology reviews, process efficiency recommendations, and IT roadmaps

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Why CHOOSE US as your Digital Advisor?


With our team of experts and other professional team members who have gone through specialized training to become certified digital advisors, you can trust that we will create a plan that is of great value to your business.


Across our team we have decades of experience with a wide variety of IT solutions and vendors. We also have experience in a wide range of fields, including manufacturing, retail, wholesale, hospitality and more. This means we not only understand the technology but your business, and so can deliver a digital transformation plan that will accelerate your business and allow you to build into the future.


That is why we make sure every plan we deliver is designed to be used today, next month or next year, as your business budget allows. Of course, we would be more than happy to help you implement some of the projects, but the plan is designed so you can bring it to us or a different partner and still get great results. Additionally, if what your business needs is something we don’t offer, we can refer you to one of our trusted partners to get the work done.

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Quick and professional team that won’t stop until an issue is resolved

We were struggling with an outdated server and subpar workstations, but our IT services provider was too slow to respond. So, we spent a lot of time solving computer issues instead of managing our own business. KTI put together recommendations for the server and network upgrades and did the smooth roll-out with the minimal disruption to our workflow.

We were impressed by the quick and professional response of the KTI team who never stopped until the problem was resolved. Now, our staff no longer spends valuable time on fighting IT issues, and we can focus on taking care of our business.

Jim Matheson, President/Owner, Pyrotek Aerospace Ltd.


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In our experience, a quick call helps us understand your situation and explain to you how we can help much faster than a chain of back-and-forth emails.

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