Introduction to the Canadian Digital Adoption Program



Are you a business owner in Canada looking to embark on a digital transformation journey?
Are you curious about the government’s funding scheme known as the ‘Canada Digital Adoption Program’?
Join us for an informative live webinar.

As technology continues to shape the business landscape, embracing digital solutions has become crucial for sustainable growth and staying competitive. The Canadian Digital Adoption Program provides an opportunity for businesses to leverage government support in their digital transformation efforts.

From financial incentives to technical assistance and resources, the plan offers a comprehensive framework to guide your digital journey.

Watch now to take the first step towards a successful digital transformation!

What you’ll learn

Your presenters

Picture of a KTI staff member
Picture of a KTI staff member

Join us to learn how to start the digital transformation process and apply for funding from the Canadian Digital Adoption Plan that big businesses don’t want you to know about in this webinar!

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