Invoice Questions


Where Do The Time Entries Come From?

These are entered directly by the technicians as they perform the work to ensure there is accurate documentation. Often, as we respond to you via our ticket system, our response is both the email and the time entry. After the time-sheet period, our management team reviews all time entries for accuracy prior to sending the work summaries, which breakdown time spent.

When Do You Create Invoices?

      • Monthly fixed-fee invoices are sent approximately 10-14 days before the 1st of the month and are due on the 1st of the month.
      • Major hardware/software product purchases are invoiced and due upon approval of the quote. Minor product purchases (under $250) may be invoiced monthly instead of when they occur.
      • Time is invoiced at the beginning of the month, after time-sheets have been received from the technical team and approved. Invoices for work performed within the month at sent on the last day of the month.

Besides invoices, What Other Reports Are Available?

      • Agreement reconciliation reports, showing adjustments of payments and work completed on retainer. A/R summary statements, showing a list of all outstanding invoices.
      • Various project reports.

What Is Put On Each Invoice?

Separate invoices are sent for:
      • Recurring monthly invoices.
      • Software/ hardware products.
      • Retainer top-ups.
      • Project labour/ Service labour.

For any additional inquiries, email We will investigate your concern right away.

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