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Making a Difference

At Kerkhoff Technologies, we believe in making a positive impact on our community. That’s why we’re thrilled to share our recent interview with Ruth & Naomi’s Mission, a faith-based charitable organization based right here in Chilliwack, BC. In this exclusive interview, we sat down with Cheryl Giesbrecht and Scott Gaglardi from Ruth & Naomi’s Mission to learn more about their work, challenges, and heartwarming stories of hope. Even though we support this organization, it was an eye-opening experience to find out even more about them: 


The Mission of Ruth & Naomi’s Mission 

Ruth & Naomi’s Mission is more than just a shelter—it’s a beacon of hope for those facing homelessness, hunger, and hardship. This organization provides essential services to individuals and families in need. Here are some of the ways they’re making a difference: 
  • Shelter and Meals: Ruth & Naomi’s Mission offers a safe haven for those experiencing homelessness. Their shelter provides a warm bed, nutritious meals, and a supportive environment. 

  • Community Social Services: Beyond the basics, the organization connects clients with social services. From counseling to job placement assistance, they’re committed to helping people get back on their feet. 

  • Heartwarming Stories: Throughout their journey, Ruth & Naomi’s Mission has witnessed incredible stories of resilience and transformation. From helping a single mother find stable housing to reuniting estranged family members, their impact extends far beyond the physical shelter.

Challenges and Triumphs 

Running a charitable organization comes with its share of challenges. Ruth & Naomi’s Mission faces obstacles such as funding shortages, increasing demand for services, and the emotional toll of witnessing human suffering. However, their unwavering commitment to compassion and service keeps them going. 
Despite the challenges, there are also triumphs. The smiles on the faces of those they’ve helped, the success stories of individuals who’ve overcome adversity, and the sense of community fostered within their walls—all of these moments make it worthwhile. Just this month we had the privilege of attending and being one of the sponsors of Ruth and Naomi’s Mission’s Night of Hope Gala. Our community is incredible and responded wholeheartedly to Night of Hope Gala. Together we raised $140,000! 

A Call to Action 

As a community, we can play a vital role in supporting Ruth & Naomi’s Mission. Whether through volunteering, donating, or spreading awareness, every effort counts. Just last week they put out an urgent call for food donations that can be dropped off at the Family Centre. Join us in celebrating their impactful work and consider how you can contribute to making a difference.  


Our collaboration with Ruth & Naomi’s Mission has been eye-opening and heartwarming. We’re honored to stand alongside them as they continue to serve our neighbours in need. Let’s come together to create a brighter future for Chilliwack — one where compassion and hope prevail. 
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