Top 11 reasons that businesses work with KTI for IT Projects & Support

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  1. Fair and Simple Agreements. We believe it’s important to have a business agreement that makes sense and is easy to understand and manage for both of us. This might mean a simple flat-fee agreement with unlimited support, or a mix of hourly, retainer, and flat-fee. As agreements are month-to-month, we can adjust the structure as required to meet your needs.
  2. Regular meetings for reporting, project/support review, and recommendations from IT. We meet regularly (ideally once per quarter, depending on your availability) to provide updates on recent projects, review the 1-3 year project roadmap, and give you recommendations on topics such as CyberSecurity to improve your security and network performance, rather then waiting for a problem to happen.
  3. Proactive monitoring, patching, and updating of computer network and security systems. We take care of updates for Microsoft Windows, common third party applications like Chrome, Adobe, and Firefox, and of course firewall and anti-virus systems. We are also notified of failures of things like hard drives, internet connection, and data backups so we can get to work solving them before the impact you. And, we can provide reports.
  4. They want to talk with a live person on the phone without waiting for callbacks. All our phone calls are answered LIVE. We answer our phone calls live at all times. There is no option to leave a voicemail or press 1-2-3 etc. You will not get lost in somebody’s voicemail, waiting for an eventual response.
  5. Reasonable response time on email requests. Any support tickets will be read and acknowledged by our Service Coordinator and dispatched to a technician within 30 minutes during business hours.
  6. Confidence that data is being backed up. We take care of backing up of data stored in servers and laptops. We perform both automatic and manual (human) verification steps to ensure it is recoverable. And, we can provide reports to prove it.
  7. Detailed but clear and understandable invoices. We are committed to delivering invoices that are simple, clearly explain what the costs are, and what work was performed.
  8. Effective communication. We are committed to explaining what we’re doing, and answering our questions in terms YOU understand rather then ‘geek speak’. As our clients’ technical understanding wildly varies, we will adapt our response accordingly to respect and empower you in your job!
  9. Proactive cybersecurity recommendations. We do our best to explain your current risks and options to improve your security situation to avoid falling victim to ransomware, viruses, and embarrassing or costly situations.
  10. Never held hostage on documentation and passwords. We provide full access to network documentation (stored in our Wiki) or passwords (via our secure password management system). We believe that a bidirectionally transparent relationship is a healthy one.
  11. Enjoyable professional relationship. We believe people and relationships need to be prioritized over profit. We want a relationship where we each look forward to seeing each other and working together, and not cringing.

If you are a client and ever notice that we aren’t living up to our promise, please do reach out to our management team or owner to let us know so we can resolve it. We are human too and humble enough to realize we aren’t perfect!

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