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Meet Daniel Hoeving

Welcome to another edition of our Team Spotlight blog series, where we delve into the vibrant personalities that make Kerkhoff Technologies a thriving hub of IT innovation and support. This month, we turn our focus to Daniel Hoeving, the AVP of Service, whose journey from a seasoned technician to a team leader showcases the dynamic spirit that defines Kerkhoff Technologies work culture in Chilliwack, BC.

Daniel’s Journey: A Transition from Systems to People: In January 2021, Daniel took on the role of AVP of Service, steering the ship of client agreements and overseeing the service team. This transition marked a shift from developing systems to cultivating the growth of individuals—a testament to Daniel’s dedication to both technology and people. Having spent six years as a technician within the company, his experience laid the foundation for his current role.

A Day in the Life of AVP Service: Daniel walks us through a typical day, starting with a meticulous review of metrics and planning for the day ahead. His mornings are dedicated to team huddles and individual meetings with new hires, fostering a collaborative environment. As the day unfolds, he navigates through various meetings and tasks, ensuring a seamless flow of communication within the hybrid team structure.

Passions Beyond the IT Realm: Beyond the realm of IT, Daniel shares his passions, from being a devoted Sci-Fi nerd enjoying video games and tabletop role-playing games to exploring archery, fencing, and gardening. His eclectic interests also extend to literature, with a reading list that spans from fiction to deep dives into Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

Insights and Perspectives:

Daniel shares insights into recent developments in the IT field, expressing both excitement and caution, particularly in the realm of generative AI. He emphasizes the importance of a composed approach, offering a valuable tech tip: “First take a deep breath; no problem can be solved in a panic.”

Connecting Beyond Technology: In the spirit of connecting beyond technology, Daniel highlights his favorite ways to unwind, his love for Sushi, and his dream destination—the Galapagos Islands. He introduces us to his constant companion, Lily, a one-year-old Blue Heeler, Australian Shepherd cross.

A Vision for a Better World: As a family passionate about humanitarian causes, Daniel and his family support local organizations like Archway Community Services, along with global entities such as Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF.

Parting Thoughts: Wrapping up our conversation, Daniel shares his perspective on quotes and advice, advocating for the importance of ideas over words. Reflecting on the concept of superpowers, he takes a unique stance, expressing a desire for patience and wisdom in a world often plagued by ego and power struggles.

Conclusion: In concluding our Team Spotlight on Daniel Hoeving, we find that his journey at Kerkhoff Technologies is not just about managing services; it’s about nurturing a community of diverse individuals driven by a shared goal—to help others solve problems. Daniel’s story is a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines Kerkhoff Technologies, making it not just a workplace but a community where excellence is nurtured, and teams are built with purpose.

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