Who We’re NOT a Good Fit For at KTI


As part of being authentic and transparent, we freely admit Crafty Penguins is NOT for everyone! We know our strengths and weaknesses, and what makes a good and bad client. To save everyone’s time, here is a list of organization types we don’t bring value to.

  1. You only want somebody to call occasionally when something is really broken.
  2. You think that setting up a computer infrastructure is a one-time event and that it can run forever without maintenance (This is contrary to our best practices of ongoing management, security, and system automation.)
  3. You’re looking for the lowest price consultant. (We are a brilliant multi-disciplinary team but not cheap. As the saying goes, Quality, Fast, Cheap – pick two…)
  4. You don’t value technology. (We have much better relationships with early adopters, visionaries, and early majority people than late adopters and laggards.)
  5. You don’t deal well with constructive feedback and recommendations. (We prefer dialogue and rapport in our ongoing working relationships.)
  6. You’re happy with cobbled together systems built in shoe-string budget that nobody can support but your in-house guy. (We would be happy to stabilize your systems with latest best practices and more simple/stable platforms.)
  7. You don’t want to let us use our standard tools. (We need standard tools for backup, anti-virus, firewalls, remote support, monitoring, reporting to guarantee we can quickly deliver a high level of service, and believe they reduce your total costs in the long run)
  8. You don’t have buy-in from the top. (We can achieve the best results when management is onboard and willing to improve security, stability, and performance while decreasing the “bus” factors.)
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